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Tilly and Ted are the two characters featured in my beautifully illustrated picture book.  The writing of this book, has been 'heart-led' from the outset, which I believe has enabled me to produce a story that is special and unique.

When I reflect on Tilly's character now, I can clearly see that she has been inspired by my experiences of working with all children, particularly those on the autism spectrum. It hadn't necessarily been my intention, but I'm 'going with the flow' and trust that this is a message I need to share. 


Tilly has a fascination with sea life and, in particular, turtles, which is why you see her depicted throughout the book holding several turtle-themed items.  You will notice that some of the triggers for Tilly’s behaviours, are indicative of those experienced by many children, particularly those on the autism spectrum. These include difficulties in accepting change, social issues and some sensory needs, too. You will also notice, that she becomes easily frustrated and angered, when her sand castle is washed away. Emotion regulation can be challenging for many children. However, those on the autism spectrum often demonstrate emotional responses that can appear disproportionate to the given trigger.  This said, my book is by no means exclusive to readers on the autism spectrum, as I consider the messages contained within this book, are far reaching for all young people.

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