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‘Ted, the Sea and Me’ has been inspired by my interest in developing a more mindful, therapeutic approach to supporting emotional regulation and wellbeing. Set by the sea, the book takes the reader on a journey into the sea with Tilly and her inflatable turtle float, Ted. As they encounter the different seas; ‘warm and wavy’, ‘deep and dark’, Ted encourages Tilly to explore the similarities between her feelings and the sea.


Tilly learns that feelings ‘come and go’ like the changing tides and takes comfort from knowing that the more uncomfortable feelings, won’t last forever. Tilly learns that sometimes you can’t always ‘ride’ these emotions safely. With the help of Ted, Tilly recognises that taking some time out on the shore to breathe and wait, helps her to acknowledge and engage with her feelings, without becoming completely overwhelmed by them. Ted encourages Tilly to consider how she senses her emotions in her body and highlights the importance and uniqueness of these emotions.


My book has been beautifully illustrated by the hugely talented Leanne Coelho, who has captured and interpreted my story perfectly.

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